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Unnecessary “No Solicitation” Laws

In History/Politics, Nashville on November 7, 2013 at 2:27 pm

Update: a friend contacted the councilman and got this quote –

“Just so the record is straight, this ordinance did not cost Metro anything but rather is revenue producing while protecting those who wish to use the list from the annoyance of door to door sales persons.” – Phil Claiborne

The Nashville Metro government just enacted a law, described in the below video:

That’s right. If you’re still living in 1962 and are getting door-to-door salesmen bothering you about vacuum cleaners, you have to worry no longer!

Apparently the Metro Nashville government and councilman Phil Claiborne (sponsor of the ordinance) in particular have found themselves with too much time on their hands and excess budget they needed to spend. Or at least a meaningless man hours to waste in the Clerk’s office, which amounts to the same thing.

How do you take advantage of this amazing new offer new service provided by Metro? You can go sign up on a “No Knock List” on the Metro Clerks website and they won’t be allowed to bother you any more! Of course that’s only if they bother to check the list… and obey it… and you could have already prevented this with just as much legal force as the list with a simple “No Soliciting” sign as described by the Metro Clerk’s website. Oh, and exempted from all of this: Charitable organizations (including churches, schools, etc), Magazine, Newspaper, and Book salespeople, and anyone selling any “expressive works” of any kind. So they won’t protect you against anyone who actually still knocks on doors. But they felt the need to create a list, keep it updated, and waste who knows how much extra budget in a pitifully slim Metro budget. I know it’s not a ton of money, but how many books could we have bought for the schools Councilman Claiborne used to teach in using the money this will cost?

Slow clap. Phil Claiborne. Slow. Clap.