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Station Identification

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Paul Nicholson

Paul Nicholson

It’s been over two years since my last post went live on this blog. I’ve started to write three other posts in that time, but only one is even still in the “drafts” folder. We’ll see if any ever see the light of day.

Of course, any of you who know me know that a lack of posts on this blog does not constitute a lack of online activity from me. Quite to the contrary, my increased posting on other platforms continues to lessen the appeal of the long form blog for me as an outlet. It is basically now limited to times when I either have something that ranges longer to say, or something that I wish to be more permanent and really referenced. This post fits both categories to some degree.

This is a “station identification” post. An idea I’m blatantly stealing from someone else, though I can’t give them credit because I don’t remember who it was. Some random Tumblr blog I think.

So, here is me, on the web, in various forms. In keeping with the medium, this station ID post will have lengthily explains of each platform and how I use them. Other station ID posts I’ll make on other sites will fit their respective formats (some just lining back here).

If you’re on any of these platforms and we aren’t connected, feel free to friend/add/like/plus/connect me.

wordpress WordPress Blog – Geek Thoughts – – WordPress blog who’s content dates back to an older Blogger blog. When I’m feeling philosophical (or a least long winded) this is most likely where I’ll post. See also: reviews of products, movies, and general opinion sharing.

flickr Flickr – – My main repository of images. If I only post an image one place, it’ll be here. Any images you see on Tumblr, 500px, Society6, Google+, or my Facebook photography page will also be here plus a few b-sides and deep album cuts. If I mark you as a friend or family on the service you’ll be able to see most of the 8,000+ images I have on the site. If you’re browsing as a member of the public you’ll have access to ‘only’ a few thousand.

flickr Flickr (Family) – – All of our general family photo stream goes here now. Pictures taken by yours truly as well as my wife, and even my two boys now that they have kid’s cameras.

Google+ Google+ – – My favorite social media platform. If only I could convince everyone else to join me there.

twitter Twitter (personal) – My twitter feed, started way back at BarCamp many years ago. This is where my fleeting rants, opinions, life updates, and points of interest get posted. One of my more active platforms for sure, though lately I’ve been lurking more than posting (relative to what I used to post at least). And let’s be honest, like most people in Nashville I’m still on Twitter just to follow @jrlind.

Reddit Reddit – – Front page of the internet. I’m there.

tumblr Tumblr (Photos) – – “Best of” collection of my photography, shared to the hipster blog platform of choice for a little amplification.

tumblr Tumblr (Fashion) – – My blog to attempt to educate myself on how to dress like an adult. Added women’s stuff that I find interesting at the wife’s request. Mostly reblogs.

tumblr Tumblr (Marketing) – – 99% reblogs of cool ad campaigns or other interesting marketing. Gets my creative juices going for work.

Facebook Facebook – – Notify me hear if you have any children, pets, or if you are participating in any fundraising activities.

Instagram Instagram – – My presence on the ubiquitous photo sharing app/site. I rarely post here, but when I do it is mostly fun pictures of family and friends taken on my phone that get cross-posted to Facebook. Occasionally I’ll post some of my photography work here as well, just for some extra visibility.

quora Quora – – Deep thoughts on areas of  “expertise”, though that sure is a dangerous word.

500px 500px – – The artsy photo sharing site of the moment in 2012. Gotta be there too, right?

society6 Society6 – – Monetizing photography. If you wanted to buy one of my pictures, this is where you can do it.

LinkedIn LinkedIn – – Connections for people I have don, am doing, or am wanting to do business with.

youtube YouTube – – Rarely used archive of random videos. Now that I’m on BzzAgent you’ll occasionally see product review videos here too.

vimeo Vimeo – – Even more rarely used archive of ‘nice’ videos. Every 3 years or so I scratch the itch to do more video that photo. Here’s where those project go.

Google+ Google+ Photography Page – – Many “photogs” (I hate that term) prefer this to Flickr for high quality social photo sharing. I like it, but it’s still falls short on the meta tagging and mass-collection management fronts.

Pinterest Pinterest – – Yes, I am male. Yes I have a pinterest page. It is sufficiently abandoned for me to still hold my Man Card though.

MySpace MySpace – – Yes, it still exists. No, I don’t post there. Never did.

Diaspora Diaspora – – Remember that site that was going to change the world and replace Facebook?

Steam Steam Community – – Check here when they announce Half Life 3.

PSN Playstation/PSN – – Decent odds that most of the activity here will actually be my kids playing PooYoo or Sports Champions under my account. I might fire up Burnout Paradise, NHL, or Need For Speed every few months.

EA Origin EA Games Origin ID: PaulNich

Ingress Ingress ID: pwnicholson


Other Feeds and Sites

dell My Direct2Dell Community posts – Corporate-type blog posts from my old job.

twitter Twitfinite – Account for the now semi-defunct Twitter app that forms ad-hoc communities. @PredFans being the most famous example. Currently trying to resurrect it after losing our hosting/developer.

Facebook East Nashville Facebook Group – I own and admin the East Nashville Facebook group. Yes I live in Inglewood. Yes I consider Inglewood to be a subset of East Nashville. This page is 90% lost/found pet posts

flickr Flickr Communities – I own these groups: Nashville PredatorsThe Ground InEast Nashville Tomato Art Fest. And moderate these: Road ShotsNHL Arenas

Reddit Reddit – I moderate the /r/Predators subreddit.