The Story, Part 1

I expected Ian to arrive weeks before he did. Every time I saw my OB, he said he thought I would deliver before my next appointment. Ian's kicks were strong, and my tummy was huge. I started staying close to home, just in case I went into labor.

The due date came and went, unfortunately uneventful. I didn't want to be induced, I guess because I figured the fewer drugs, the better. But two days after my due date, on March 26, Paul and I packed everything up and calmly headed to the hospital for induction.

Once we were at the hospital, we were told that it was an extremely busy time and we would have to wait awhile before they could start in induction. We sat on an uncomfortable bench in the waiting area for 15 or 20 minutes before retreating to the family waiting room's slightly more comfortable seating. Once in the waiting room, I started having mild, regular contractions about every 5 minutes. Paul, ever the family protector, talked to the receptionist at the desk to explain that we needed a room NOW, and what do you know — we got one!

We were placed in a temporary room where they could monitor my contractions until the labor and delivery room was ready. The contractions still were mild, but the staff decided to give me an hour to see if my body was going into labor on its own. No dice. We were taken to the L&D room to prepare for induction.

Next they put the IV in to start the slow pitocin drip. I absolutely hate having needles put in me, so I was dreading the IV experience. Apparently I blocked out the experience, though, because I have no memory of it today. I think I may have been hugging my Care Bear, and I do remember that the kind nurses covered the IV catheter with a bandage so I didn't have to look at it.

I spent the next couple of hours staring around the rather large hospital room, watching my baby's heartrate on the monitor, and wishing that the Predators game was on TV (Baptist Hospital, you need FSTennessee!!!). Paul and I were excited to see the little alcove where the hospital bassinet awaited Ian's arrival.

Finally, very excited, incredibly nervous, and acutely aware of the needle stuck my wrist, I settled in for a night of restless sleep.